20 June 2016

Geidai Animation: 2nd Graduate Works 2011 (YouTube Playlist)

Geidai Animation: 2nd Graduate Works 2011

The second year of graduates from the Graduate School of Film and New Media at Tokyo University of the Arts (aka Geidai) debuted May 5-8, 2011 with screenings under the name GEIDAI ANIMATION 02 SOURCE.  To learn more about this graduating class, click hereWith the permission of the animators, Geidai has uploaded student works onto the internet.  The exception is Wataru Uekusa, who uploaded his work The Tender March, on his own YouTube channel.   Films not currently available online: Masaki Okuda's Uncapturable Ideas (アイデアが捕まらない, 2011), Atsushi Makino's Specimens of Obsessions (標本の塔, 2011), and Ken Yoshida's Wish Upon a Snowdrop (魔術師と雪の花, 2011).

All films, including first year works can be found on the DVD:

Graduate Films
収録作品  第二期生修了作品

The Tender March, ver. 2
やさしいマーチ ver.2
Yasashii Māchi, ver.2 
 2011 / 4'48"
Wataru Uekusa (植草航, b. 1987)
@WATARU336 / official website

Scripta Volant
Writings fly away
2011 / 13'17"
Ryo Orikasa (折笠良, 1986) 
 official website

2011 / 08'27"
Aki Kono (河野亜季, b. 1985)
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2011 / 09'07"
Hiroki Kono (河野宏樹

Ygg's Bird
Yuggu no Tori 
2011 / 05'27"
Mariko Saito (齋藤まりこ, b.1984) 

tick tack
2011 / 09'03"
Chiaki Shibata (柴田千晶, b.1987)

Better Back Then
少女のいと 魔法のいと 
Shōjo no ito Mahō no ito 
2011 / 07'45"
Naoaki Shibuta (渋田直彰, b. 1985) 

Rootless Heart
Samayō Shinzō 
2011 / 09'52"
Toshiko Hata (秦俊子, b. 1985)  
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