20 June 2016

Geidai Animation: First Year Works 2010 (YouTube Playlist)

Okuda's A Gum Boy

The Graduate School of Film and New Media at Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai) has posted the works of their 2010 first year students with the permission of the artists themselves.  Most of these animators graduated in 2011.   South Korean animator YungSung Song graduated in the class of 2012 and Risa Kimapara graduated with the class of 2013.  Not included: Ryo Okawara's  Walls (2010) and Atsushi Makino's Hole ( / Ana, 2010).  All of these films (including those by Okawara and Makino) can be found on the 2011 DVD along with the students' graduate filmsFor more information about these artists click here
First Year Films  

A Gum Boy
2010 / 03'48"
Masaki Okuda (奥田昌輝, b.1985) 
@masaki_okuda official website

Rain and fish
Akai Sakana 
2010 / 04'48"
Risa Kimpara (金原里紗, b. 1985)

A Brightening Life
2010 / 07'59"
Aki Kono (河野亜季, b. 1985)
official website

The Vesper Mutters
Yoi ga Tsubuyaku / 2010 / 04'21"
Hiroki Kono (河野宏樹)

Another Time
2010 / 04'54"
 柴田千晶 / Chiaki Shibata / 04'54"

Come Back to my Mind
Uwa no Sora kara Kaetekuru 
2010 / 02'52"
Naoaki Shibuta (渋田直彰, b. 1985)

2010 / 04'16"
YungSung Song (  永盛 / ヨンソン・ソン)

Where He Can Relax
Ansoku no Basho 
2010 / 05'17"
Toshiko Hata (秦俊子, b. 1985)  

About the Girl
2010 / 02'39"
Saya Fukase  (深瀬沙哉 )


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