19 May 2017

Women Directors at Nippon Connection 2017

Women Directors at Nippon Connection 2017

Since 2010, I have made a point to watch all of the films directed by women at Nippon Connection.  This year’s programme includes feature films, documentaries and animation by women directors…. with women also featuring prominently behind the scenes in the areas of production and screenwriting.

Guests include the Japanese producer Yukie Kito (Tokyo Sonata, Sakebi), who is presenting the documentary Mifune: The Last Samurai (Steven Okazaki, 2015), Akiyo Fujimura will be on hand to present her feature debut Eriko, Pretended at its German premiere, and Tokyo University of the Arts student Rina Tanaka will present her directorial debut Snake Beneath the Flow at its international premiere.

Women are currently dominating the student population in animation courses across Japan, which is why this year’s Tokyo University of the Arts selection is predominately female directors.  There are two women in my selection Poetic Landscapes – Recent Gems in Japanese Indie Animation.  Eri Okazaki is a graduate of the Tama Art University (Tamabi) animation programme.  Kiyoko Nakai belongs to the art unit kesyuroom2013 (ケシュ#203)  with Minami Nakai. Both women are graduates of Film Studies at Waseda. 

Here is a quick overview of what to look out for:


A Silent Voice
映画 聲の形
Eiga koe no katachi
Director: Naoko YAMADA
Japan 2016, 129 min.
German premiere
Thursday, May 25, 12:00 Mousonturm Saal
Saturday, May 27, 13:30 Mal Seh’n Kino

Poetic Landscapes – Recent Gems in Japanese Indie Animation
in the presence of the curator Dr. Catherine Munroe Hotes and director Hayato Nove
Sunday, May 28, 17:15 Naxoshalle Kino

Tokyo University of the Arts: Animation
In the presence of Taruto FUYAMA
Thursday, May 25, 15:15 Naxoshalle Kino


The Long Excuse
Nagai Iiwake
Director & script: Miwa NISHIKAWA
Japan 2016, 124 min.
German premiere
Competition Nippon Cinema Award
Friday, May 26, 20:00 Mousonturm Saal
Sunday, May 28, 17:45 Mal Seh’n Kino


95 and 6 to go
Director, camera & world sales: Kimi TAKESUE
USA 2016, 85 min.
German premiere
Wednesday, May 24, 15:00 Naxoshalle Kino

Eriko, Pretended
Mie o haru
Director & script: Akiyo FUJIMURA
Japan 2016, 93 min.
German premiere in the presence of the director
Saturday, May 27, 17:15 Naxoshalle Kino

Director & script: Natsuki SETA
Japan 2017, 118 min.
International premiere
Thursday, May 25, 19:45 Naxoshalle Kino

Start Line
Director: Ayako IMAMURA
Japan 2016, Blu-ray, 112 min, Japanese with English subtitles
European premiere
Friday, May 26, 12:15 Naxoshalle Kino

Snake Beneath the Flower Petals
Kotei no ja
Director and script: Rina TANAKA
Japan 2016, 59 min.
International premiere in the presence of the director Rina TANAKA

Cathy Munroe Hotes 2017