25 April 2013

Help Kickstart Mirai Mizue’s WONDER 365 Animation Project

Since his exciting debut on the animation scene in 2003 with his dynamic hand-drawn abstract animation Fantastic Cell, Mirai Mizue’s have become increasingly ambitious in scope.  Like his predecessors Norman McLaren and Oskar Fischinger, Mizue’s work explores the relationship between music and movement.

Mizue began his Wonder 365 Animation Project a year ago, producing 24 drawings a day for a total of 8,760 drawings.  He normally works independently, but the scope of this project led to him hiring 160 painters to assist him to complete the work by the end of March of this year.  Now Mizue needs help to cover the costs of recording an original soundtrack by the acoustic orchestral group the Pascals led by Rocket Matsu, the editing costs, the costs of cutting a 35mm print and creating a DCP, and other incidental costs.

There are five days left in Mizue’s Kickstarter project, please donate now and spread the word via Facebook and other social media.  Check out his videos on Vimeo and YouTube to get an idea of Mirai Mizue’s unique talent as an artist.