18 May 2017

Tokyo University of the Arts at Nippon Connection 2017

Special Guest: Taruto FUYAMA
Thursday, May 25, 15:15 Naxoshalle Kino (learn more)

Thanks to the support of the City of Yokohama Frankfurt Representative Office and the city of Franfurt am Main’s Bureau of Foreign Affairs, Nippon Connection is once again presenting a selection of works by recent graduates of the Graduate Program in Animation at Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai). This year's graduating class once again showcases a wide variety of animation styles from stop motion to CG animation.

The selection will be presented by Geidai professor Taruto Fuyama (布山タルト, b. 1973), who is a native of Yokohama who graduated from Keio University’s Graduate School of Media and Governance.  Fuyama first came to international attention with his innovative film Visions of Frank (2004), which was an homage to Jim Woodring’s comic Frank (1996-2001). The film features on the omnibus DVD Visions of Frank: Short Films by Japan's Most Audacious Animators (2005).  He then worked at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) in Gifu Prefecture where he developed Trigger Device with his students.  Fuyama is involved in the research and development of the animation software Koma Koma.  His qualitative research is concerned with “the experience created by animation.” Fuyama will be holding animation workshop for kids on the Saturday of the festival.

Yoshiki IMAZU (今津良樹)

Mind Room
Moe KURIBARA (栗原萌)

Self-Honest Me
Kazuki SEKIGUCHI (関口和希)

That’s Why They Were Made
Kei SATO (佐藤桂)


Lady Nosferatu
Chinami TANIGUCHI (谷口ちなみ)

Roll Call
Shiori WATANABE (渡辺栞)

The Outgrowth
Daiki MORINAGA (森永大貴)

SILENT SMILE (林文薏 / リン・マンイ)
Man Yee LAM

Scroll of Darkness
Tomoko TAKAYA (髙谷智子)

here AND there
Komitsu (小光)

Cogito Wonderland
Saori SUZUKI (鈴木沙織)

Wenrui HUANG (黄雯睿 / コウ・ブンエイ)

Haruka UMEMURA (梅村晴香)

Tomoki MISATO (見里朝希)