18 May 2017

Poetic Landscapes – Recent Gems in Japanese Indie Animation

Poetic Landscapes – Recent Gems in Japanese Indie Animation
Sunday, May 28, 17:15 Naxoshalle Kino (learn more)

Florian Höhr and I have put together a selection of some of the best animated shorts to come out of Japan in recent years.  Each of these works look upon the world through a poetic lens. Whether inspired directly from poetry like Ryo Orikasa’s Noburō Ōfuji Award winning Datum Point, or poetic in manner of expression, each artist uses animation to depict their own unique view of the world. 

trailer | affordance from Hayato Nove on Vimeo.

We are delighted to announce that the illustrator and graphic designer Hayato Nove, director of Affordance, will be in attendance to answer your questions about his mesmerising work.  Affordance has screened at international festivals including Image Forum, where it won the Award for Excellence, VIFF, and DOTMOV 2016.

Datum Point (水準原点, 2015)
Ryo ORIKASA (折笠良, b. 1986)

Fragments (カケラ, 2016)
Naoyuki TSUJI (辻直之, b. 1972)

Affordance (2015)
Hayato NOVE (野辺ハヤト, b. 1971)

Float Talk (2016)
Kiyoko NAKAI (田中喜代子, b. 1982) of the art unit kesyuroom2013 (ケシュ#203)

Forest this Flower Bloom 
(木ノ花ノ咲クヤ森, 2015)
Tomoyasu MURATA (村田朋泰, b. 1974)

The Last Observer (最後の観測者, 2015)
Daisuke NAGAOKA (永岡大輔, b. 1973)

Feed (2016)
Eri OKAZAKI (岡崎恵理)

Vita Lakayama (2016)
Akihito IZUHARA (泉原昭人, 1964)

Cathy Munroe Hotes 2017