02 October 2012

3rd Tokyo Gohan Film Festival (第3回東京ごはん映画祭)

The 3rd Tokyo Gohan Film Festival
6-21 October 2012

This year’s Tokyo Gohan Film Festival – also known as The Tokyo Food Lover’s Festival – is being hosted by Image Forum with some events being held at Spiral Hall and other venues around town.  The programme includes perennial favourites such as Naoko Ogigami’s Seagull Diner (Kamome Shokudo, 2006) and Percy Adlon’s Bagdad Café (1987) as well as recent hits such as Nora Ephron’s Julie & Julia (2009) and Shūichi Okita’s The Woodsman and the Rain (2011) starring Kōji Yakusho and Shun Oguri which won the audience prize at this year’s Nippon Connection.  There are also some great docs on the menu including Gereon Wetzel's  El Bulli (2011) about chef Ferran Adrià's famed restaurant in Catalonia, Spain.  To learn more about the programme check out their official website.

Penguin Fūfu『ペンギン夫婦の作りかた』
Katsutoshi Hirabayashi, JAPAN, feature, 2012

Yuri Nomura, JAPAN, documentary, 2009

The Help『ヘルプ 〜心がつなぐストーリー〜』
Tate Taylor, USA, feature, 2011

Bread of Happiness 『しあわせのパン』
Yukiko Mishima, JAPAN, feature, 2012

Marie Antoinette 『マリー・アントワネット』
Sofia Coppola, USA, feature, 2006

El Bulli: Cooking in Progress『エル・ブリの秘密 世界一予約のとれないレストラン』
Gereon Wetzel, GERMANY, documentary, 2011

Julie & Julia 『ジュリー&ジュリア』
Nora Ephron, USA, feature, 2009

The Woodsman and the Rain『キツツキと雨』
Shūichi Okita, JAPAN, feature, 2011

Seagull Diner かもめ食堂
Naoko Ogigami, JAPAN, feature,  2006

Bagdad Café バグダッド・カフェ
Percy Adlon, GERMANY/USA, feature, 1987

A Good Year『プロヴァンスの贈りもの』
Ridley SCOTT, UK, feature, 2006

Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution 未来の食卓
Nos enfants nous accuseront 
Jean-Paul Jaud, FRANCE, documentary, 2008

Antique 『アンティーク 〜西洋骨董洋菓子店〜』
Min Kyu-Dong, SOUTH KOREA, feature, 2011

Dinner Rush『ディナー・ラッシュ』
Brian S. Kalata and Rick Shaugnessy, USA, feature, 2000

Taipei Café Story『台北カフェ・ストーリー』aka Taipei Exchanges
Ya-chuan Hsiao, TAIWAN, feature, 2010