07 June 2012

onedotzero: j-star 11

onedotzero is a London-based moving image and digital arts organisation which commissions, showcases and promotes innovation across all aspects of moving image, digital and interactive arts.  Founded in 1996, onedotzero has gained a reputation for representing a diverse array of artistic endeavour via the annual onedotzero: adventures in motion festival and its associated touring. Suppported by the BFI and the Arts Council England, it has a cross media and collaborative approach attuned to technological advances and fast paced change within digital arts and the contemporary culture landscape.

The Japanese portion of the festival selection j-star 11 screened at Nippon Connection 2012.  It’s an eclectic mixture of music videos, innovative commercials, and short films.  Thank You World from the Sapporo Short Fest 2011 and Blind by Yukihiro Shoda were made as a direct response to the 3/11 disaster.  I had not heard of Construction by Mirai Mizue, but it turned out to be a low res excerpt of Tatamp (2011) featuring twoth.  Some of the highlights for me were Toshiaki Hanzaki’s animated music video for Mr. Children – a popular band who have a long history of supporting alternative animation – tangefilms’ phenakistoscope inspired animated music video for Hitomi Azuma, the surreal geometric play of Shinya Sato’s video for Chateau Marmont, and Yasuda Takahiro’s two tone approach to the primal scream of Kaisoku Tokyo’s Copy.  For those of you who missed this event, a number of the films are featured on Vimeo.

cmmhotes 2012

Thank You World by Seiichi HISHIKAWA, J 2011, HDcam, 2’59 Min.
Christmas / Amazarashi by YKBX, J 2011, HDcam, 6’24 Min.
Blind by Yukihiro SHODA, J 2011, HDcam, 5’17 Min.
Construction by Mirai MIZUE, J 2011, HDcam, 3’15 Min.
Tsuchinoko / Gaka by Yuto NAKAMURA, Ayahiko SATO [rakudasan], J 2011, HDcam, 5’37 Min.
Nnet Station Op by Fantasista UTAMARO, J 2011, HDcam, 0’24 Min.
The Smell Of The Flowers / Mr. Children by Toshiaki HANZAKI, J 2009, HDcam, 5’23 Min.
Senkyou / Mergrim by Makoto YABUKI, J 2011, HDcam, 3’09 Min.
Xylophone by Seiichi HISHIKAWA, J 2011, HDcam, 3’05 Min.
Polygon Graffiti: An Uguisu Morph by QNQ/AUJIK, J 2011, HDcam, 4’32 Min.
Kira Kira / Azuma Hitomi by TANGEFILMS, J 2011, HDcam, 3’09 Min.
Assimilation by Takuya HOSOGANE, J 2011, HDcam, 1’29 Min.
Anomie / Amazarashi by YKBX, J 2011, HDcam, 4’37 Min.
Electropia / Joyz / Uk + by Noriko OKAKU, J 2011, HDcam, 4’39 Min.
One Hundred Realities / Chateau Marmont by Shinya SATO, J 2010, HDcam, 3’25 Min.
Kyu by Yyu FUJII, J 2011, HDcam, 1’29 Min.
Copy / Kaisoku Tokyo by Yasuda TAKAHIRO, J 2011, HDcam, 1’33 Min.
Damn What Ringtone / Hifana by Takashi OHASHI, J 2011, HDcam, 0’53 Min.
The TV Show / Takayuiki Manabe by Kousuke SUGIMOTO, J 2009, HDcam, 3’28 Min.
Henshin Gattai! by Shota SAKAMOTO, J 2011, HDcam, 1’33 Min.