10 December 2014

Mt. Baijō / 梅丈岳

Part 3 of the series: Satoyama Concept in Fukui

From the top of Mt. Baijō (梅丈岳), 395 meters about sea level, one has scenic views of Wakasa Bay to the north, and the lakes of Mikatagoko to the south and east.  To get to the summit from the parking lot, daring travellers can take an open chairlift (no belts!!).  Those with a fear of heights may prefer the comfort of the closed funicular. 

The views were truly spectacular.  One particularly impressive sight was a recent landslide near Hotel Suigekka (see top photo) which had destroyed an orchard that was tucked into a narrow valley.   There are many orchards in the Mikatagoko region which is famous for its plums. 

There is an eclectic assortment of things for tourists on the peak including small shrines, picnic tables, padlocks for making wishes (like that famous bridge in Paris), and a play area for children (including a giant beetle for the children to climb on!).  Although I found the mountaintop a bit cluttered, one really must see the views from Mt. Baijō in order to understand the unique geography of this region squeezed between the lakes and the sea.

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