10 December 2014

La Shijimi Restaurant / ラ・しじみ

La Shijimi Restaurant

Part 2 of the series: Satoyama Concept in Fukui

The first stop of our Satoyama in Fukui tour was La Shijimi RestaurantShijimi is a type of clam (Corbiculidae) that is a popular ingredient in miso soup.   The Fukui region is famous for its production of shijimi, hence the name of this cooperative restaurant on the shores of Lake Kugushiko in the renowned Mikatagoko (Five Lakes of Mikata) region.  The restaurant opened in May 2008 and calls itself a “community café” (コミュニティ・カフェ)
Lake Kugushigo

The shijimi served in the restaurant is fished directly from the brackish waters of Lake Kugushigo by the cooperative members.  There is a wonderful photo of some of the ladies from the cooperative fishing shijimi in their profile on Fukui Dotcom (ふくいドットコム).  In addition to bringing together local people, the cooperative aims to teach visitors about Lake Kugushigo and environs.  Our hosts particularly mentioned their desire to be welcome and accommodating to a wide range of guests.
Shijimi researchers at work near the restaurant

We were served a set lunch menu featuring regional fare of the day including miso soup with shijimi, salads, snails, octopus, pickles and rice, served with green tea.  In addition to the seasonal lunch set, the menu features seafood curry, pizzas with local toppings, homemade cakes and herbal teas.  They will also make up bento boxes if you place your order the day before.  It’s really an ideal place to stop and learn more about the region. 

La Shijimi can be found near Sui Shrine in Kugushi:
ラ・しじみ  (Google Maps)
919-1123 福井県三方郡 美浜町久々子8-10-1
Tel. +81 770-32-2283

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