19 March 2012

VGF Nippon in Motion Award

In collaboration with the Frankfurt am Main transportation authority VGF (Stadtwerke Verkehrs-gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main), Nippon Connection 2012 is awarding the Nippon in Motion Award to the best short-short film spot for the festival.  The winning film will appear on video screens in U-Bahn stations throughout Frankfurt in the run-up to and during the festival and the winner will be awarded a cash prize of 250€.  

Everyone can participate in the voting process by going to the Nippon in Motion webpage and voting for your favourite.  The eleven finalists use a variety of techniques from stop motion animation to montage editing.  Click on the images to watch the short clips in a pop-up window.  To vote, click on the Facebook "like" icon.  The voting concludes on March 31st when the winner will be announced.