04 January 2007

Yuri Norstein & Francheska Yarbusova Exhibition

The Chihiro Museum is currently running a special exhibition on the renowned Russian animator Yuri Norstein and his wife Francheska Yarbusova until the end of January. This includes screenings of his films on January 8th and January 14th at 11am and 1pm. Highlights of the exhibit include wonderful photographs of Norstein and Yarbusova by Miya Kousei, original prints of their storybooks for children (including the classic Hedgehog in the Fog), and a room of artwork by Chihiro Iwasaki selected by Norstein himself when he visited the museum in early December. Aparently he and Isao Takahata discussed animation in a sold-out event -- sorry to have missed it! I bought a few prints of Norstein's work in their lovely gift shop and was told that Norsheyn himself had broght the prints in his luggage with him.

I will try to write a more complete review of the exhibition later, but I highly recommend it to anyone in the Tokyo area. It is the most child-friendly art gallery I have ever seen! In the meantime, check out the 1974 classic animation Hedgehog in the Fog here.

I am currently working on my review of Kamome Shokudo and hope to finish it up tomorrow night.

The complete works of Yuri Norstein are available on DVD in Japan:

Yuri Norstein Sakuhin shu (collection) / Animation

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