17 May 2019

Transience – The Best of Recent Indie Animation

Transience – The Best of Recent Indie Animation
Nippon Connection
Saturday, June 1, 2019
14:15 in the Naxoshalle Kino
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My animated shorts selection will be on Saturday at Nippon Connection this year instead of Sunday. This year’s selection features a couple of non-Japanese names. The Czech animator Vojtěch Domlátil, who works at the Jiří Barta studio in Pilsen, had a 2-month art residency at Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo in 2017. His work Fleeting Autumn, which he describes as “a collection of audio-visual haiku poems” was made during this residency. The Oscar-nominated stop motion animation Negative Space is co-directed by the Japanese-American animation team Ru Kuwahata and her husband Max Porter. Both of them studied animation in the Netherlands and the U.S. and the film is funded by a French studio.

The rest of the programme features a diverse range of animation styles from innovative Japanese artists. Some are already established in their careers, and others are just starting out. Every year brings astonishing new works from Japanese artists and it is my pleasure to be able to share some of them with you all again this year.

29 May 2019 Update: animator Ryōji Yamada, who is currently living in Germany, has informed us that he will be able to attend the screening. 

Fleeting Autumn
行く秋 / Yuku Aki
Vojtěch Domlátil /
2018 / 8’

Ryōji YAMADA / 山田遼志
2017, 8’47”

Harmonia featuring Makoto
ハルモニア feat. Makoto
Tarafu OTANI / 大谷 たらふ
2017, 3’49”

Negative Space
2017, 6’

Reiko YOKOSUKA / よこすかれいこ
2018, 3’46”

Shadow Wave
翳浪 / Kagenami
Takumi KATAOKA / 片岡拓海
2018, 5’55”

Water in the Cup
Ikuo KATO / 加藤郁夫
2018, 5’43”

Shunsaku HAYASHI
2017, 10’

Broke For Free – “Makin’ Moves”
2017, 2’29”

A Snowflake into the Night
Yoru ni natta Yuki no Hanashi
Yoko YUKI / 幸洋子
2018, 6’

何処かへ。/ Dokoka he.
Lyota TAKAHASHI / 高橋良太
2018, 6’55”

A Branch of a Pine is Tied Up
松が枝を結び / Matsuga Edawo Musubi
Tomoyasu MURATA / 村田朋泰
2017, 17’

2019 Catherine Munroe Hotes