19 May 2008

More on Tomoyasu Murata

Midnight Eye has published an article I wrote about the career of Tomoyasu Murata. It includes a filmography of his work. Check it out here. I have written reviews of some of his films elsewhere on this blog. I first discovered his work when he had an exhibition at a small gallery on Hongo Dori near my home in Nishikata and I wrote about the discovery. Since then, I have been to other exhibitions of his work and have been collecting DVDs, books and other items published by Tomoyasu Murata Company. I would love to buy one of his paintings as well, but that is way out of my budget. Here are reviews I have written about Indigo Road, Scarlet Road, Nostalgia, and Omohide. I meant to write a review of White Road last year, but while still mulling it over I got distracted by other things. I really should watch it again and see if I can attack it from a new angle. I am also hoping to get a hold of some of his more recent films soon. He had DVDs of his latest films available in time for his big exhibition at Hiratsuka this past month and they can be ordered via his website to addresses in Japan.

Murata's latest exhibition at Gallery Momo near Roppongi Hills is called "With a Bronze and a Bust" and runs until May 31.

Tomoyasu Murata Sakuhinshu - Ore no Michi / Animation
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