15 February 2024

MOVOP Animation Screenings & Exhibition


MOVOP is a collective of young animators under 30 who want to re-evaluate contemporary animation practices. The members of the collective include Fukumi NAKAZAWA (中澤ふくみ), Lina MACHIDA (まちだりな), Nana KAWABATA (川畑 那奈), Riku TAKAHASHI (高橋李空) / DOKUZEN, MARU AKARI, Hiroki KURASAWA (倉澤 紘己), and Aiko OKAMURA (岡村 あい子). 

 MOVOP is a neologism combing the English expressions ‘move up’ (上にあがる) and ‘move on’ (進む) and the Czech word ‘potok’ meaning brook or stream (小川). The letter ‘O’ between the letters M/V/P is also meant to evoke the gaps between frames that create the illusion of movement in animation.

The collective seems to be pushing back against the trend for animation to be completely online and digital. In their declaration, they talk about making things with their own hands and to create an archive of their works in physical form. They also want to create real spaces for young animators to engage in debate and discussions about animation practices with their peers.
In November, they published the inaugural edition of their e-zine on their website. I first heard about MOVOP because of physical postcards and flyers their distributed at the New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival in November. The first weekend of March, MOVOP will be holding their first screenings and exhibition at Digiti Minimi and co-hosted by Tampen

Program A 

 Kukkiri to Boyata / くっきりとぼやけた 
 dir. Lina MACHIDA / まちだリな, 5’23”, 2024 New work! 

dir. Riku TAKAHASHI / 高橋李空 / DOKUZEN, 2’58” 

 The Day It was an Excursion / えんそくだったひ 
 dir. Hiroki KURASAWA / 倉澤紘己, 5’49”, 2023 

 Deforming after Transforming (変形して奇形する) 
 dir. Fukumi NAKAZAWA / 中澤ふくみ , 8’47”, 2021 

dir. MARU AKARI, 1’, 2024 New work! 

 The Ship of Synapse 
Riku TAKAHASHI / 高橋李空 / DOKUZEN, 2’, 2023 

 Weather Map 
dir. Nana KAWABATA / 川畑那奈 ,9’09", 2021

Program B 

Mimimi and the Aliens (みみみとうちゅうじん) 
dir. Hiroki KURASAWA / 倉澤紘己, 5’55”, 2024 New work! 

dir. Riku TAKAHASHI /高橋李空 / DOKUZEN, 2’58” 

dir. MARU AKARI, 30”, 2020-2023 

 Carrots Don’t Wait (ニンジンは待ってくれない / Ninjin wa Matte kurenai) 
dir. Lina MACHIDA / まちだリな, 7’36”, 2023

 The Point of Permanence (永久点 / Towa-ten) 
dir. Nana KAWABATA / 川畑那奈, 10’04”, 2024 New work! 

 #_ hashtag underber 
dir. MARU AKARI, 6’, 2022 


Aiko OKAMURA (岡村あい子) 
Yume-utsutsu 『夢現』 
Jiga『自我』 New work! 

Fukumi NAKAZAWA (中澤ふくみ) 
Kandokoro wo Zurasu『勘どころをずらす』 New work! 
New work! Tadaka ga Yonde iru『ただかが呼んでいる』 

On the Saturday at 14:00 there will be a Guest Talk Event with Yū ISEKI (井関悠), the curator of the Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, artist Hirotoshi IWASAKI (岩崎博俊), and dancer / choreographer Nobunashi KON (のばなしコン). On Sunday at 14:00 there will be a Talk Event with member of MOVOP.

Tickets are available via the Peatix app: 
 For more information visit the MOVOP website / social media: https://movopanimation5.wordpress.com/ 

Cathy Munroe Hotes