15 April 2014

28th Image Forum Festival 2014

28th Image Forum Festival 2014

Tokyo: 27 April – 6 May 2014 at Park Tower Hall and Theatre Image Forum
Kyoto: 17 May – 23 May 2014 at Kyoto Cinema

Springtime is here, which means it’s time for the Image Forum Festival with its cutting edge selection of avant-garde animation and experimental film from around the world.  The full programme can be found in pdf format on the festival’s official website (JP only).  For a taste of what’s in store, here are some images and trailers from Programme A: Japanese Animation New Works:

USALULLABY (Asami Ike, 2013)

MAZE KING (Hakhyun Kim, 2013)

Anal Juice (肛門的重苦, Sawako Kabuki, 2013)

Waiter (Ryoji Yamada, 2013)

GYRØ (円香MADOKA, 2014)

Flower Bud (花芽, Saki Nakano, 2014)

Madly in Love (メロメロ, Ikue Sugidono)

An apple and an apple - Welcome back me -
(りんごごりんご~おかえりわたし~, Kaori Nakashima, 2014)

DE_RIRIA_SUBASUTAIMU (Shinsaku Hidaka, 2013)

Snow Hut (かまくら, Yoshiko Mizushiri, 2013) --- read my review

Catherine Munroe Hotes 2014