07 June 2012

Atsushi Wada’s The Great Rabbit and Selected World Animation at Image Forum

Where: Image Forum, Shibuya
When: June 23 -  July 13, 2012

 Atsushi Wada is presenting his award-winning film The Great Rabbit (2012) at Theatre Image Forum this summer.  The film will be presented in two separate programmes.  Programme A features a selection of top animation from around the world from David O'Reilly's award-winning The External World (2010) to  Emma de Swaef and Mark James Roels' puppet animation Oh, Willy. . . (2011).  Programme B offers audiences the possibility of seeing all of Atsushi Wada's animated shorts in chronological order in one sitting. A fantastic opportunity for fans of indie animation in the Tokyo area.

Click on film titles below to read individual reviews.

Programme A
The Great Rabbit and a Selection of World Animation

1.  The External World (David O’Reilly, Germany, 2010)
2.  Das Haus (David Buob, Germany, 2011)
3.  Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage (Bastien Dubois, France, 2009)
4.  Belly (Julia Pott, UK, 2011)
5.  Holiday (Ryo Hirano, Japan, 2011)
6.  Modern No. 2 (Mirai Mizue, Japan, 2011)
7.  Oh Willy. . . (Mark James Roels and Emma De Swaef, Belgium, 2011)
8.  3/11 no Kakera (Shiriagari Kotobuki, Japan, 2011)
9.  The Great Rabbit (Atsushi Wada, France/Japan, 2012)

Programme B
The Great Rabbit and the Oeuvre of Atsushi Wada

1.  Be Vague (2002)
2.  This Mayonnaise is Too Runny (2002)
3.  A Whistle (2003)
4.  Yellow (2003) 
5.  Dancer of the Vermicular (2004)
6.  Concerning the Rotation of a Child (2004)
7.  Clerk in Charge (2004)
8.  Day of Nose (2005)
10.  Manipulated Man (2006)
11.  Well, That’s Glasses (2007)
12.  In a Pig’s Eye (2010)
13.  Mechanism of Spring (2010)
14.  The Great Rabbit (2012)

More information about the programme is available on the CALF website (JP only).  Atsushi Wada's collected works 2002-2010 are also available to order online (JP/EN).  Read my review of the DVD here.  Read my interview with Wada here.