21 April 2012

udara udara (うだらうだら, 2007)

The short-short udara udara (うだらうだら, 2007) is young animator Ryo Hirano’s first foray into animation.  Photographs of natural settings are overlaid with cute, hand drawn creatures who sigh, hum, fart, buzz, and sneeze along to a percussive beat.  Hirano did both the animation and the soundtrack himself. 

It’s a simple, straightforward scenario, but it already demonstrates themes and motifs that one sees throughout Hirano’s animation career so far: a fondness for mixed media, an awareness of the relationship between the rhythms of the soundtrack and the rhythm of editing and animation movement, and the use of creatures that are part human, part animal, part pure fantasy.  Most importantly, the film foregrounds the sense of humour that has made Hirano’s films stand out among the films of his young peers.

Watch the film for yourself:

Learn more about Ryo Hirano on his official website.


2007  udara udara (うだらうだら)
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