02 September 2011

The World of Young Japanese Animation Auteur Tomoyasu Murata (日本を代表する若手アニメーション作家の世界)

K’s Cinema in Shinjuku is running a two-week retrospective of the works of animator Tomoyasu Murata from September 3rd until the 16th. Murata is a prolific animator and artist. One of the top puppet animators of his generation, Murata also experiments with a variety of animation techniques including cutouts, montage, and computer animation. K’s Cinema will be screening three different programs of his animated shorts. Read the profile that I wrote for Midnight Eye to learn more about Tomoyasu Murata. Click on links below to read reviews of the films.  

Murata's works are also available to purchase on his website.

Program A: The Road Series (4 works)

Scarlet Road (朱の路, 2004)
White Road (白の路, 2003)
Indigo Road (藍の路, 2006)
Lemon Road (檸檬の路, 2008)

Program B (5 works)

Handstand Boy, Intently Runs! (さかだちくん、ひたすら走る!, 2004) 
Handstand Boy Goes to the Department Store (さかだちくん、デパートへ行く!, 2009)
Handstand Boy Intently Eats! (さかだちくん、ひたすら喰う!, 2006)
The Deck Family (家族デッキ, 2007)
Born in Arakawa, Name is Tomoyasu Murata (生は荒川、名は村田朋泰, 2006)

Program C (14 works)

Momoiro Ryokan CM (百色旅館 CM 天然色, 2008)
The Star Murata Band (ザ★MURATABAND)
Hantomei no Mimi wo Motsu Shōjo (半透明の耳を持つ少女, 2008) 
The Star Sekai no Subete no Shichigatsu-tachi (ザ★世界のすべての7月たち, 2008) 
Nostalgia (睡蓮の人, 2000)
Memory (オモヒデ, 2001)
Hifukidake (火吹竹, 2004)
Tōryanse (とおりゃん, 2004)
Winter Rainbows (冬の虹, 2005)
Metropolis (2005) 
Ablation/My Pudding (アブレーション/わたしのプティング, 2009) 

Schedule on K's Cinema Website.

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