22 February 2008

Tomoyasu Murata Event

If you are in Tokyo this spring, you should check out the Tomoyasu Murata exhibition called "Yume ga shagan de iru" (夢がしゃがんでいる, Squatting Dreams?) at Hiratsuka Museum of Art in Kanagawa from April 12th to May 25th. He's been very busy this past year and has several new short films to show for it, including the latest film in the Road Series called Lemon Road (檸檬の路), tomorrow, Samurai Squid, and a new series called Dekki Family. If you go to Murata's homepage, an advertisement with lots of cool stills comes up as a pop-up.

Unfortunately, I cannot go to this exhibition so if one of my readers does, please post a comment or send me a message about it!