23 October 2016

Animation to Watch: Ryo Hirano

In recent years, Ryo Hirano has been an animation festival favourite with his surreal works Holiday (ホリデイ, 2011) and Paradise  (パラダイス, 2013).  Paradise can be found on the DVD L'Animation Indépendante Japonaise, Volume 3 (FR/EN, 2015) from Les films du paradoxe, but Hirano has posted his earlier works online for fans to enjoy.

Learn more about Hirano in my 2012 blog post The Curious Animated World of Ryo Hirano or click on the film titles below to read individual reviews of films.


2007  udara udara (うだらうだら)
2008  Future Man (蟻人間物語/Ari Ningen Monogatari)
2008  Midnight Zoo (深夜動物園/Shinya Dōbutsuen)
2009  music video orchestra (collaborative work for Omodaka)
2009  The Kappa’s Arms (河童の腕/Kappa no Ude)
2009  Ichigwankoku: One-Eyed Country (一眼国/Ichigankoku)
2009  Guitar (ギター)
2010 Kensaku Shōnen (検索少年, Tabito Nanao music video)
2011  Hietsuki Bushi (ひえつき節/Omodaka music video)
2011 Space Shower TV Station ID
2011  Holiday (ホリデイ)
2013 Paradise (パラダイス)

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