07 June 2016

JAPAN CUTS 2016: Experimental Spotlight – Anime Vanguard

JAPAN CUTS 2016: Experimental Spotlight – Anime Vanguard

Sunday, July 17, 9:30 PM

The animator Onohana will be the special animation guest at Japan Cuts 2016.  A graduate of Tokyo University of the Arts’ prestigious graduate programme in animation (Geidai Animation 05 Go 2014), Onnohana was the first student and only the second woman to win the Noburō Ōfuji Award for innovation (learn more) for her graduate film Crazy Little Thing (澱みの騒ぎ, 2014).  The experimental animation programme at Japan Cuts 2016 features some of Onohana’s solo work as well as her collaborative work with Mirai Mizue.  It is a dynamic programme with shorts by Atsushi Wada, Masanobu Hiraoka, Sawako Kabuki, Yoko Yuki, and Ryo Hirano.

Programme synopsis:

“An exciting selection of experimental animated works from Japan never before screened in New York City, representing a broad range of contemporary avant-garde practice. The titles range from 3-14 minutes, adopting the full breadth of styles in new animation: from visual music to raunchy music videos, digital processes to analogue filmmaking, and from minimalist atmospheric shorts to narratively rich miniature epics. All evoke completely unique worlds.”


Drawn Animation Workshop Films
2016. Approx. 8 min. Digital.
World Premiere
Various works from the participants of Mono No Aware’s Hand-Drawn Animation Workshop held at Japan Society on June 18. 

Mirai Mizue and Onohana
2015. 4 min. Digital.
North American Premiere.
A grand collision of Mizue’s signature visual music forms and Onohana’s mesmerizing impressionistic illustrations, featuring music by Twoth. 


Ouch, Chou Chou
2016. 12 min. Digital.
North American Premiere
Onohana’s expansive imagination and visual style here recounts the touching saga of a cabbage and pea’s friendship across bullying and interdimensional travel.  

Masanobu Hiraoka
2013. 4 min. Digital.
New York Premiere
Shape shifting animal and geometric forms stun in this piece with music and sound by Aimar Molero.

Sawako Kabuki
2014. 4 min. Digital.
New York Premiere
Coital psychedelia featuring the music of Shinsuke Sugahara, a wild imaginary of physical intimacy.

The Great Rabbit
Atsushi Wada
2012. 7 min. Digital.
New York Premiere
“If you believe in the Rabbit, it means that you’ll believe anything. If you don’t believe in the Rabbit, it means that you wouldn’t believe anything.”  Read NishikataEiga Review

lost summer vacation
Yoko Yuki
2015. 3 min. Digital.
North American Premiere
The mystical happenings of a tropical island are pictured in an animated scroll.


Don't tell Mom
Sawako Kabuki
2015. 4 min. Digital.
New York Premiere
A naughty musical sex-ed film for siblings.


Ryo Hirano
2011. 14 min. Digital.
New York Premiere
Delirious, deeply romantic tale of love and loss featuring a girl, golden nude, and akahara imori newt in a gondola resort.  Read NishikataEiga Review

Mirai Mizue
2015. 4 min. Digital.
New York Premiere
The mutating forms of Tensai Banpaku, or “Genius Expo” create a stunning abstract orchestra.


Yoko Yuki
2015. 6 min. Digital.
East Coast Premiere
"On a summer day a strange man who teaches Russian at the beach took me to a town.”


such a good place to die
2015. 3 min. Digital.
North American Premiere
Forms shift like a landscape of memory in this enchanting work featuring music by Tatsuki Tsushima.

Onohana (小野ハナ, b. 1986) is from Iwate Prefecture.  Her Geidai animation graduate film Crazy Little Thing received the Noburō Ōfuji Award at the Mainichi Film Concours.  Her works have screened throughout Japan and internationally, including TOKYO ANIMA!, Nippon Connection, Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival, Fantoche, and Ottawa International Animation Festival.  Learn more about her here.

2016 Nishikata Film Review


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