01 June 2015

Tokyo University of the Arts at Nippon Connection 2015

Tokyo University of the Arts at Nippon Connection 2015
With Special Guest: Yūichi Itō
Thursday, June 4, 17:00 Naxoshalle Kino (learn more)

Once again this year Nippon Connection is presenting a selection of films by current students and recent graduates of the MA programme in Animation at Tokyo University of the Arts (aka Geidai).  Based in Yokohama, Geidai’s animation department was recognised as the Best Animation School at Animafest Zagreb 2010 and won an honourable mention for their animation show reel at the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2014.

This year’s works will be presented by Prof. Yūichi Itō, the renowned stop motion animator.  In addition, Itō will present his own works aspart of a Film Talk on Thursday, June 4 at 8:30pm as well as hosting a cutout animation workshop for kids on the following Saturday.

and, end / えんえん
Mio YAMANAKA, 2015

Will Hatching Day Come?
Kiatchokechaikul CHAYANIT, 2015

Tomomi KOMAZAKI, 2015

Melting down / すこやかな歪み
Takuto KATAYAMA, 2015

Tepid Bath
Tsumugi HARUNARI, 2015

Holy Shit!
Takashi SHIBUYA, 2015

Zdravstvuite! / ズドラーストヴィチェ!
Yoko YUKI, 2015

Moonlit Night and Opal / 月夜&オパール
Shishi YAMAZAKI, 2015

Missing you / 白いうなばら
Satomi MAIYA, 2015

Hollow mind /
Yagi, 2015

 I'm here
Yukie NAKAUCHI, 2015

 Helleborus Niger
Kohei TAKEDA, 2015

 Fox Fears /きつね憑き
Miyo SATO, 2015

 A Place to Name / その家の名前
Ataru SAKAGAMI, 2015

 Wild Boys Advance / 超ラジオ体操
Koya, 2015

Scutes on My Mind / かたすみの鱗
Megumi ISHITANI, 2015