21 December 2014

Kōnotori Bento / コウノトリ 弁当

Part 8 of the series: Satoyama Concept in Fukui

During our visit to the Kōnotori “Call Back the Storks” Farming (コウノトリ呼び戻す農法) community (learn more), we were given very healthy bento boxes for lunch featuring stork-friendly, locally grown rice and other produce.  One of the onigiri (rice balls) was with umeboshi (pickled plums). This region is famous for the Fukui Plum (福井梅 / Fukui-ume).  Another rice ball was mixed with fish, while the third was covered in fuzzy furikake-tororo which is made from thinly shaved tororo-kombu (edible kelp).  The onigiri were complemented by a selection of pickles and fresh vegetables. 

Readers living in Japan can support the efforts of Echizen farmers to “Call Back the Storks” by ordering their stork-friendly rice via their online shop or Rakuten.